Thursday, November 13, 2014


After we left Canada, we had a wonderful drive to Glacier National Park, with a slight detour to Cardston, AB, Canada.  Cardston was a Mormon settlement in the late 1800's and is still a largely LDS community today.  The Cardston Temple was the first temple built outside of the United States, and it is beautiful.  The interior has murals and rich dark wood paneling, and it certainly has a warm and welcoming feel to it.

We stayed in a lovely campground in Cardston and enjoyed using our new tent heater there.  This campground had the best WiFi signal that we've had since we left DC!

So, off we went to Glacier National Park, and the day we arrived we drove all the way across the park to Kalispell, MT on a mission of mercy.  You see, our sister, Lysa, had been to Kalispell earlier this year and fell in love with a certain raw Montana honey that was sold only by the Costco in Kalispell. So, we went and got her a case!  We also saw some great scenery along the way....

Yes, that's a mountain goat we saw on an evening hike.  The next day we hiked to Ptarmagin Tunnel. This tunnel is at the end of a drainage where the saddle to the next drainage should be.  But, the saddle is so rocky and sheer that people decided to just cut a tunnel through to the other side!

That's Sue at the entrance to the tunnel, and if you look closely at the other picture you'll see the switchback trail that leads to it.  The other side looks pretty cool too...

This was in a beautiful location, with a glacial lake at the end.  We also saw some creatures that we're calling MOUSs...Marmots of Unusual Size...they were HUGE!!!!

On the way down we feasted on Huckleberries, while we made noise to ward off the bears that had been frequenting this area.

We decided not to stay the night in Glacier, but rather took off toward Helena, MT so that we could take the long way to Yellowstone, through and entrance that we hadn't visited before.  More on that in  my next post!

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