Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In Utah, on vacation.

Here we are on vacation in Utah, enjoying the lovely late summer at our cabin, the Lerfa Lodge.  The cabin is in good shape, and the meadow we have for a front yard looks healthy.  Its taken 25 years to get it that way, but its doing really well.  We have new fir trees coming up all over, and the Aspens are healthy and filling in the gaps where we cut down so many dead trees.  Its beautiful!

Bryce came up to see us on Monday evening, and on Tuesday he took us on a really lovely hike to Long Lake and Island Lake.  About 7 miles total, and really beautiful the entire way.  It was perfect weather, and the woodland fairy creatures were happy and smiling!

To add to the hiking pleasure, the berries were out!  Here's the crew engrossed in picking Huckleberries...that's right, Huckleberries!  They were really small but ripe and delicious.

And I just couldn't pass up these gorgeous currant bushes without stopping.  They were wonderful, and beautiful to boot.

This area is surrounded by several peaks...that's Long lake in the background, with my favorite hiking people in the foreground!

All along the way the tall grass kept catching my eye, very lovely and waving gently in the breeze.  Moose was having a great time, and he kept checking on me to make sure I was still there.

So we got to Island lake with thunder sounding beyond the far ridge...that was really cool as it echoed around the peaks.  It was like someone hitting a metal 50 gallon drum.

My fishing excursion was cut short when I realized that a when you have a 4-piece fly rod, you really need all 4 pieces to make it work.  Somehow I had left one piece behind, but no matter, we sat down for a snack and soon......

We got a lovely rain storm that turned to hail!  We sheltered under a tree which kept most of the rain and hail off of us, and the sounds and the smells and the coolness were terrific.  Moose didn't mind any of this, and went out and barked to ward off whatever beastie he had smelled in the forest.

Moose loves the water......

Then the storm passed and the ground drank up the water and we had a sunny, pleasant walk out.  This is Long lake again, with these cool glacier-smoothed rock we got to walk on.  Some of them were polished shiny like the hood of a car!

It was a really lovely day!  We took our time, sat and enjoyed our surroundings and had a wonderful time together.  The best part about the day was the company....I love these people!