Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fun (finally) in Colorado!

As my friend James says, I've been spending my weekends enjoying the "joys of home ownership".  Not this weekend, however, we decided to get out and play!  I started doing CrossFit workouts again this week, and my 56 year old body is wondering what hit it, but never mind that, I'm in charge here! So on Friday, the glorious flex day off, we slept late (yahoo!!!!) and then climbed Eagle peak.  That's a steep rough trail but not very long and it has this beautiful aspen grove half way up.

 And it was Moose's first time on this peak, so he got in the selfie...

...and we hung out by the creek on the way down....

It was one of those perfect weather days that's just cloudy enough and just sunny enough.  It feels really good to climb, and Sue and I both are getting better at it.  Moose, on the other hand, with his youth and raging male hormones, never seems to get very tired, at least not for more than about 15 minutes!  He's turning out to be a great hiking companion, but at 70 pounds and 7 months, he's likely going to be a big one.

After recovering by eating Pasties (Scandinavian meat pies), we got up Saturday morning for our first mountain bike ride of the season.  We headed out the the Greenland open space and it was glorious!

 Great rolling single-track trails, hardly any people, a few nice horses, and some runners and wonderful vistas.  It felt like we had the area to ourselves, and this place is only 15 minutes from our house!  We love living in Colorado!  The place had one long hill (Reptillicus hill from the BLLLLBR comes to mind), but we made it and the downhill on the other side was a blast!  It was another perfect weather day after several weeks of rain and thunderstorms.  The wildflowers were amazing!  We saw big stands of waist-high pearly-white scarlet gilia (it wasn't red) and tall grasses and penstemon.  The company was awesome too....I love living in Colorado with my best friend ever!

After the ride we hit the local farmer's market ( I love saying that, "local" farmer's market, CAUSE I LIVE HERE and I'm a local now!!!!)  OK, I got carried away there, but I'm allowed.  Green beans and a falafel is very, very good.