Sunday, July 6, 2014

 The Garneys are now in Denver, CO.  We had a completely uneventful trip across the great plains (man, I don't envy Daniel Boone; the forests of Kentucky looked completely impassible, so thick it would be hard to walk in) and Kansas was beautiful and green AND YOU COULD SEE FOREVER!  I love the openness of the west.  I saw the first antelope!  The Best Western in Frankfort, KY was great, but I don't recommend the Abilene, KS Super 8….smelly!  The people were nice, though.  We got here in great shape (I think the rear wheel bearings on the Ford are shot, but it made it) and were welcomed by our kids and grandkids.  Its great to be in their home.  On thursday night we went to the Independence Eve Celebration in downtown Denver, and they had the most rapid-fire fireworks I've ever seen, launched from the top of the City Hall!  I almost bailed out during the pre-fireworks festivities when two bands entertained the CROWD (Oh my Gosh).  One was out of its league in such a big, open venue and the other was way too loud (for me, the old guy).  Anyway we met up with the Fernelious family who left the Springfield ward 6 months ago and had a nice time.  So, no real adventures yet, thank goodness, but we're adapting the the loving arms of high altitude air and cool evenings.  The mountains are beautiful and are still holding snow, and the wildflowers are gorgeous!  We're planning our first backpacking trip for next week…the only problem being where to go?!

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