Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eagle Peak

So, after a visit to my new doctor, and a great little white pill that calms my lungs down, I've found the air and am breathing normally again.  In celebration, we went to one of our favorite Academy hikes, Eagle Peak.  The Eagle Peak trail is steep.  The it gets steeper.  Then it comes to a beautiful meadow ringed with Aspen trees.  Then it gets steeper again!  It follows a small stream most of the way up, so we were serenaded by water for a lot of the climb.  The view from the top was wonderful!  360 degrees of mountains, mountains, and Kansas.  Pikes Peak was out in its glory, and the Cadet Tow Planes hummed overhead (we call them Lawn Mowers in the Sky, and they are a constant drone all summer long as the Cadets learn to fly gliders).  One gave us a wing wave as he passed over the peak.  The fat chipmunk on the peak wanted a handout, but we didn't oblige.  The weather was perfect and it was great to be back on a rocky peak in the mountains that we love.  This was a great re-introduction to hiking, and now that I can breathe it will be a lot more satisfying!

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