Friday, August 15, 2014

Boise, Idaho

Off to Portland, OR we go, to spend some time with Zack and Leah and enjoy some of what the NW has to offer.  Along the way we stopped for a night in Boise, specifically so we could visit the LDS Temple there.  It is a beautiful building, clearly from the same architect as the Dallas Temple.  We spent a lovely evening learning about the eternal nature of the family, and doing some sealing work for several families.  The sealer spoke to us about the importance of a married couple "holding on to each other" in both a spiritual and physical sense in order to keep the relationship strong and to resist the forces in the world that try to pull us apart.  That counsel rang very true to Sue and me.

In other news, we've at last made the final decision as to where we will settle.  The winner, no surprise, is Colorado Springs.  We've had the notion over several years that this is where we were being guided to, and now we'll move forward in faith and establish ourselves in the Springs and do our best to serve in that community.  We feel a sense of awe that we merit enough notice from God that He would patiently direct us on this path.  We're also very grateful.

Today we're off to see Portland…rose gardens, food carts, bridges in downtown, and maybe the largest urban forest park in the United States.  I guess I should wear my tie-dyed t-shirt so I'll look like a local!

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